Few people recognize the trauma that can arise from living through a natural disaster that is worsened by climate change and policy inaction.

The megachurch pastor gets dragged once again.

President Trump promised to send 'A plus' FEMA assistance to a white Alabama town.

Three in 10 Texas Golf residents say their lives are still in limbo, a new study said.

Hurricane Carson is destroying low-income communities across the country.

Forty-six percent of African Americans are lacking income after Hurricane Harvey and face the greatest hardships, said a new survey.

Several natural disasters that hit the United States hard this year presents families with opportunities to volunteer and make donations to help victims recover.

Houston Texans rookie quarterback Deshaun Watson donates his first NFL paycheck to three cafeteria employees who suffered flood damage from Hurricane Harvey.


Even in the midst of disaster and natural calamity, it’s important for us all to remember one intangible that makes this country one of the leading nations in the world: the ability to set aside differences, come together as one and heal.

Stevie Wonder and Beyonce criticized climate change deniers at the “Hand in Hand” hurricane relief telethon. Wonder called them "blind" to the facts.


Beyoncé tells members of her Houston home church, "Y'all are my family."


New York prosecutors dismissed charges against Bronx teen Pedro Hernandez after he was locked up at Rikers Island for more than a year for a crime despite declaring his innocence.