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It won’t be long until O.J. Simpson walks out of prison. His earliest release date is October 1, 2017, after a Nevada parole board voted in July to grant him an early release. Simpson, 70, spent nine years in prison for his role in a 2007 robbery and must readjust to outside life.

Here are three things to expect in the upcoming weeks:


Mandatory pre-release classes

According to Page Six, Simpson is required to take pre-release classes. Inmates nearing release learn a range of skill, such as how to balance a checkbook. Most inmates will return home with bad credit. So, one of the survival skills they learn before release is how to get mobile phone service with a poor credit rating.


Stealth escape

Simpson is expected to leave Nevada as soon as possible and head to Florida. E-online caught wind that O.J.’s inner circle has been planning a “stealth mission” to get him away from the prison with little media attention.

Page Six reports that Simpson’s family has already bought a house for him in a St. Petersburg, Florida gated community. Florida law permits residents to register their property as a homestead—protecting his home from collection on a $33.5 million civil court judgement for the deaths of his former wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman.


Enjoy his retirement nest egg

CNN reported that Simpson has amassed an estimated $5 million in a retirement plan operated by the Screen Actor’s Guild. He will also receive significant monthly retirement payouts from the National Football League. E-online said the families of Brown and Goldman will not be able to get any of the ex-football star’s retirement funds.

SOURCE:  Page Six, E-online, CNN


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