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A new Black Lives Matter -inspired college course in southern California was being criticized for having “really little to do with education” and instead promoting “violence and segregation,” according to a new report by the San Diego Union-Tribune. San Diego State University was offering the course, entitled “Black Minds Matter: A Focus on Black Boys and Men in Education,” beginning this fall.

While the chorus of critics has featured some of the usual suspects, such as conservative groups which have long opposed the ideologies behind the Movement for Black Lives, some local civil rights leaders also had similar reservations, according to organizer Craig DeLuz.

“The biggest concern is [San Diego State University] offering a course based on the Black Lives Matter movement which has promoted violence and segregation and has really little to do with education, let alone presenting a positive image of education,” DeLuz told the Associated Press.

A secondary but still pressing issue for the group was the implications behind the course being offered at a public university.

“Now we want to give them taxpayer dollars to train educators on how to indoctrinate our children?” DeLuz asked the San Diego Union-Tribune rhetorically on Tuesday. “That’s insane.”

Likewise, the leader of a local tax advocacy group said the class was “a monumental waste of taxpayers’ dollars.” Jon Coupal, president of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, continued: “We should be spending public funds on courses that will actually prepare the next generation for meaningful jobs instead of teaching them how to be victims.”

The head the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, a civil rights organization, told the Associated Press that he also “opposed the association with Black Lives Matter.”

Much of the resistance to the course is rooted in its planned guest lecturers, including a Black Lives Matter co-founder and one of the daughters of Malcolm X.

“I have a lack of confidence in what these folks are going to say as part of the class,” said DeLuz, who is Black.

The San Diego State University professor who created the course begged to differ with DeLuz’s perspective.

“Its guiding principles are directly against segregation of any form,” professor of education J. Luke Wood said of Black Lives Matter. “If he has ever been to a Black Lives Matter rally, which I have, he would see there are people of all ethnic backgrounds, or different races and genders, who are there because they are disaffected.”

San Diego State University did not immediately respond to the complaints. “Black Minds Matter” was one of 54 new courses being offered beginning the fall semester, which began Monday.

SOURCE: San Diego Union-Tribune, Associated PressHoward Jarvis Taxpayers Association, San Diego State University


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