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The results are in: President Donald Trump‘s speech to the United Nations General Assembly Tuesday morning was an epic failure on a number of levels.

While there are plenty of instances to point to for proof, perhaps nowhere was it more evident than the reaction from the Zimbabwe delegation, which appeared to be (from left to right) sleepy, amused, angry, actually sleeping, and finally, just plain confused.

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In other words, they were no different from most Black people when they hear the president speak.

Maybe it was the fact that “Trump delivered a speech to his alt-right, anti-globalist base,” as the Washington Post wrote, that made the Zimbabwe delegation obviously feel some type of way during the address. Or, it could have been his bombastic threat “to totally destroy North Korea” because, as he put it, “Rocket Man is on a suicide mission.”

But more likely than not, the delegation, again, like most Black folks, just doesn’t like Trump, as evidenced when Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe once said Trump was Adolf Hitler’s grandson.


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