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Donald Trump is out here shouting out nonexistent countries. During Wednesday’s speech at the UN, the president praised Namibia’s healthcare, but he carelessly called it “Nambia,” and well… things like this are so on-brand at this point that we’re not even sure this is news.

“In Guinea and Nigeria, you fought a horrifying Ebola outbreak,” Trump said before African leaders. “Nambia’s health system is increasingly self-sufficient.”

And he did it not once, but a whole two times. So social media wants to know: Did he actually mean Namibia, Zambia or Gambia? All three, perhaps? Who knows?

After barreling through Puerto Rico, Hurricane Maria has regained Category 3 strength as it was making its way toward the Dominican Republic, CBS News reported. This was the second time in two weeks that Puerto Rico has been hit by a major hurricane. At least 10 people have been reported dead across the Caribbean.

“Once we’re able to go outside, we’re going to find our island destroyed,” Abner Gomez, Puerto Rico’s emergency management director said. “The information we have received is not encouraging. It’s a system that has destroyed everything in its path.”

Becca Brennan—you know, the owner of that Crown Heights bar with the 40-ounce bottles of Rosé on its menu, because it’s “cute”—decided to plaster over that bullet hole wall. Folks peeped a group of workers gathering at the “boozy sandwich shop” at 10:30 p.m. on Tuesday, with photos showing the plastering going down around midnight. Word has it the Rosé’s no longer on the menu either.

But protesters ain’t buying it. “The act of covering a wall which was originally marketed as displaying ‘real bullet holes’ is purely performative and does not merit any level of praise,” organizers Paola Ayala, Jon Villaran and Justine Stephens said in a statement. “She may be able to cover up the holes, but she cannot undo the harm she has already caused. In light of this action, the organizers against Summerhill emphasize the boycott against this establishment.”


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