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The Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals demonstrated their disapproval, before their Monday night game, of President Donald Trump’s inflammatory remarks, reported

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, one of several NFL owners who donated to Trump’s inaugural committee, joined his players and coaches in kneeling before the national anthem played—supporting the players’ right to protest police brutality targeting African Americans.

Then they walked to their sideline, stood and locked arms during the national anthem—to honor the flag and military servicemembers, USA Today reported.

In a similar display of solidarity with peaceful NFL protesters, the Cardinals locked arms, while others placed their hand on the shoulder of those who chose to kneel. Cardinals president Michael Bidwill locked arms with standout player Larry Fitzgerald, who locked arms with coach Bruce Arians on the sideline.

On Friday night, Trump set off a firestorm when he called players who kneel during the national anthem “sons of bi**hes,” and urged owners to fire them.

Instead, many players (who had not protested before) and several owners displayed their solidarity and rebuked Trump. Indeed, as ESPN reported, every NFL team, during week three of the season, demonstrated against Trump’s comments.

In a typically bizarre response, Trump ignored reality and doubled down on his position—firing off these tweets:



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