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In what appears to have been a random attack, two White supremacists assaulted a 66-year-old Black man and fired a gun at his home in Spokane, Washington, The Spokesman-Review reports.

Spokane police arrested 32-year-old Jason Edward Cooper and Donald Prichard, 36, on Monday night and charged them with first-degree assault and malicious harassment of the victim, Norris Cooley.

The Spokesman-Review reported that the police said Cooper and Prichard attacked their victim, who was a neighbor, because of the color of his skin.

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Cooley was cleaning his garage at around 11 p.m. when the alleged assailants started shouting at him.

“Ni**er, you don’t deserve to be breathing White man’s air,” Cooley recalled one of them saying.

Cooper and Prichard entered Cooley’s garage. One of them punched him in the face and pulled out a revolver, threatening to kill him. Cooley then went into his house, and 20 minutes later he heard gunfire.

According to the news outlet, Cooper’s girlfriend told investigators that he’s a white supremacist. Her daughter added that he’s a “skinhead” who has a “dislike for colored people.”

The daughter also recalled hearing the two men boasting to her mother that they knocked “out the ni**er.”

“Sadly, we have been here before,” Phil Tyler, a former president of the Spokane branch of the NAACP, told the news outlet. “These types of acts are meant to threaten and place fear in the minds of our citizens, our neighbors, our friends. We cannot and will not tolerate these acts.”

SOURCE: The Spokesman-Review


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