The One Story: HBCUs And The Gatekeeping Of Black Culture
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Thirteen may be a lucky number after all. That’s how many years it took for Facebook to consider adding a Black member to its board of directors, Mashable reported. Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s Chief Operating Officer who famously told women that the way to fight gender discrimination was to “lean in,” told members of the Congressional Black Caucus on Thursday that the company was committed to bringing in a Black board member.

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Facebook hasn’t yet announced a date or a candidate. Their current board is composed of eight White people. Sandberg and Susan Desmond-Hellmann (CEO of Netflix) are the only women.

At the same meeting, Sandberg continued to dodge questions about Facebook’s complicity in President Donald Trump‘s rise to power or the proliferation of racist ads. During the 2016 election, Facebook sold ads to Russian accounts that disparaged Black Lives Matter, among other targets. While Facebook has notoriously censored Black activists for hate speech, anti-Black posts have often been allowed to remain up until public outcry forces Facebook’s hand.


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