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It’s no surprise that President Donald Trump is unleashing another round of lies and denials. He’s taking heat for telling a soldier’s widow in a condolence phone call that her husband knew—or should have known—what he signed up for.

According to NBC News, U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson heard the president make the shocking comment to Sgt. La David T. Johnson’s widow, Myeshia Johnson, on Tuesday as they traveled together to meet his body.

The Florida congresswoman recounted what she heard on speaker phone to NBC Miami: “He said, ‘But you know he must’ve known what he signed up for.'”

“I wanted to curse him out,” Wilson said in statement. “It was almost like saying, ‘You signed up to do this, and if you didn’t want to die, shouldn’t have signed up.'”

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Johnson, 25, of Miami Gardens, was one of the four U.S. service members killed on Oct. 4 in an ambush by militants in the African country of Niger during a train-and-advise mission.

This fresh round of criticism comes after the president was corned by reporters on Monday about failing to contact families of the four troops.

In his defensive response to reporters, Trump lied—or as the New York Times stated, he “falsely asserted”—that former President Barack Obama and other presidents did not contact the families of fallen service members.

According to NBC, the White House doesn’t want to comment on what Trump said to Myeshia Johnson because those conversations are private. But as usual, Trump fired off at least one tweet claiming the story is false.

Tragically, Myeshia Johnson is pregnant with the couple’s third child. Their two other children are aged 2 and 6. A GoFundMe campaign is raising funds to provide for their children’s college education. By Wednesday morning, the total reached nearly $160,000.

SOURCE:  NBC News, New York Times


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