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Trump’s offending remarks referring to the Texas church mass shooting as a “mental health problem” have come under heavy fire from The American Psychological Association (APA), The Hill reported.

“Calling this shooting a ‘mental health problem’ distracts our nation’s leaders from developing policies and legislation that would focus on preventing gun violence through a scientific, public health approach,” APA President Antonio E. Puente explained in a statement Monday. “A complex combination of risk factors, including a history of domestic violence, violent misdemeanor crimes and substance use disorders, increases the likelihood of people using a firearm against themselves or others.”

Devin Patrick Kelley, the suspected gunman in the horrific shooting, showed “several of these red flags,” Puente said.

A New York police officer walked free Monday after jurors acquitted him in the murder of Delrawn Small, the Brooklyn motorist who was struck with bullets three times after approaching a cop’s vehicle in July 2016.

Wayne Isaacs was cleared after jurors deliberated three days on murder and manslaughter charges, The NY Daily News reports. The verdict prompted angry outrage and calls that condemned Isaacs as a “killer” from Small’s family.

“This is a guy we need to get off the streets,” Victor Dempsey, Small’s brother, said. “He cannot represent the NYPD. He cannot represent law enforcement. He can’t. He should have been held accountable today but unfortunately he wasn’t. Now I’ve got to stand with my family and look at them in the eye and not know how to explain what just happened.”


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