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The FBI has opened a probe looking into the Philadelphia judge who sentenced Meek Mill to a two- to four-year sentence in prison, Page Six reported Monday. The investigation came as protests in support of the rapper have gained steam across the nation.

Undercover agents have reportedly monitored Meek’s case proceedings since April 2016. Judge Genece Brinkley has allegedly shown an “enormous bias” toward Meek, whose name is Robert Williams, for sticking with his management Roc Nation, as opposed to signing with Philadelphia manager Charlie Mack at the judge’s request, the rapper’s attorney Joe Tacopina claimed.

“The feds have an interest in the judge and [her] potential relationships,” a source told Page Six. “This is an investigation looking into a possible extortionate demand.”

As the investigation begins, Meek is still locked up in solitary confinement after the district attorney and Meek’s probation officer pleaded for no jail time.

The case’s latest development may present the hope that Meek will be released from prison in the near future. However, the possibility cannot be considered without weighing the need for criminal justice reform.

Meek’s imprisonment for violating his long-established probation points straight to a system rigged against Blacks, who find themselves behind bars for more violations than other races. The fractured criminal justice system, whether the judge is prosecuted or not by the FBI, needs to be rebuilt.

Colin Kaepernick, who has set a tone for standing up against injustice, chimed in on the broken system via Twitter.

The FBI probe into Meek’s case also comes at a time when the bureau’s turbulent history with Blacks is moving front and center once again. The Congressional Black Caucus expressed ire over the FBI’s report targeting Black activists.

If the report isn’t enough to signify a deep mistrust for the FBI among Black people, some social media users are pointing out that other cases, such as Kenneka Jenkins, have failed to show up on the bureau’s radar.

One thing is crystal clear here: All these facts and beliefs surrounding the FBI are being considered by communities of color when it comes to Meek’s case.


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