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Jordan Peele reminded the world again just why Get Out matters as a ground-breaking film for Black Americans.

Peele set the record straight on just how racism played into his storytelling. He explained his perspective as a Black man who has had to endure in spite of racially charged incidents, like most African-American people.

“We felt like racism was not being called out sufficiently enough for us,” he said in a new CBS News interview. “[It’s] my truth as a black man, my perspective that I haven’t seen in film before. I haven’t seen that represented.”

The movie, labeled a horror, told the story of a young Black man (Daniel Kaluuya) who meets the family of his White girlfriend (played by Allison Williams). Peele recounted one of movie scenes in which Kaluuya’s character talked with the family members, who tried to appeal to him by mocking his race.

“That’s a situation that I’ve been in, I think every minority has been in,” Peele said. “If you’re a woman in a room full of men, you’re viewed as a woman before you’re viewed as a human being. On the surface, it’s a harmless thing, but I wanted to point out with this film that’s it’s connected to the deep horror of racism.”

Peele also addressed the Golden Globes having nominated Get Out in the comedy category on Twitter Wednesday morning. The movie’s tone was misinterpreted, he tweeted.

Get Out made an overwhelming $200 million in the box office. The globes most likely categorized the film as a comedy to give it a stronger shot in competing since it defied genres, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Peele’s movie has had a deep-reaching effect on people of color since it was released in February. The director has spoken about the film and will probably have to keep speaking about it with the same power that has driven movements such as #OscarsSoWhite.

SOURCE: CBS News, Entertainment Weekly


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