Good News

11-year-old actor Evan Alex is writing his own horror film.

The "Us" writer and director addressed the importance of having Black actors starring in his movies.

There’s a lot to unpack in "Us" in regard to how the movie comments on the failures of the American education system, nature vs. nurture, imposter syndrome and neurodiversity.

"Get Out," directed by Jordan Peele, was named the best film of the year by the African American Film Critics Association.

"Get Out" director Jordan Peele skillyfully explained why his movie is important amid backlash about the film's Golden Globes comedy nomination.

Jordan Peele's film inspired professor and writer Tananarive Due to teach a course on Black horror.


The actor and comedian will be honored on March 30 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.


As has been the case with quite a few celebs recently (Octavia Spencer, Taraji P. Henson buying out theaters for Hidden Figures), fresh Grammy winner Chance the Rapper has gotten in on the action and rented out a movie theater on Sunday so folks could see Get Out, written and directed by Jordan Peele for free. […]


A local North Carolina GOP office was firebombed and destroyed on Sunday.


A protest in the Bay Area – held not only to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. but also to seek justice for Mario Woods, a man shot and killed by San Francisco Police officers last month – included protesters shutting down highway lanes near the SF Bay Bridge. The demonstrators halted all traffic, resulting in […]