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Terry Crews criticized Hollywood agent Adam Venit‘s return to William Morris Endeavor Entertainment amid his pending case against the representative over an alleged groping incident. The “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” actor turned to Twitter to speak his mind once again Monday.

The actor alleged that Venit grabbed his genitals at a party in February 2016. WME’s senior management learned of the incident in October following an assemblage of allegations against Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment and assault. Crews revealed the alleged groping on Twitter early last month and filed a formal report with the Los Angeles Police Department.

Venit, who represents several actors including Vince Vaughn and Adam Sandler, was subjected to a 30-day unpaid suspension for the sexual assault claims. He also was demoted from his position as head of the motion picture department, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The comedic TV star’s message comes as many actors and actresses in Hollywood have come forward about sexual assault in recent weeks. However, many women and men of color who have been abused have been missing from national narratives.

The comedic actor is an exception, having documented his painful experience on social media.

As to why Venit was reinstated, the agency found that the alleged groping was an “isolated event” after an investigation, WME sources said to THR. The verdict is not surprising, especially considering the major pushback against Hollywood’s mistreatment of sexual assault survivors.

Why Black women, in particular, are mishandled and discarded as sexual abuse victims is something that must be addressed, said Tarana Burke, a Black activist who created the #MeToo movement on Twitter in 2006 to call attention to sexual violence.

“I think it’s rooted in the oppression that we, that people of color face in this country,” Burke said to PBS News Hour. “I also think it’s rooted in the way we’re socialized to think about black girls and women of color, right? We’re socialized to not believe black women. We’re socialized to believe that we are fast and sexually promiscuous and things of that nature.”

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter, PBS News Hour


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