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Princeton University has named one of its campus buildings after critically acclaimed author Toni Morrison, the university reported.

The dedication ceremony was held during a recent symposium hosted by the institution which delved into how the university’s history is intertwined with slavery, the news outlet writes. Morrison—best known for penning novels that include The Bluest Eye, Beloved, and Tar Baby —is a retired Princeton professor. West College, a 181-year-old campus building where the Office of the Dean of the College is housed, was named after the author. The institution decided to name the building after Morrison after calling on individuals on campus to suggest names of diverse historical figures or donors for certain buildings to be named after.

Morrison—a Nobel Prize winner—joined the Princeton faculty 28 years ago and taught creative writing and literature. In her role, she was a driving force behind the evolvement of African American studies programs, as well as performing arts programs and other creative curricula. She retired in 2016.

The dedication ceremony featured remarks from Princeton President Christopher L. Eisgruber, friends of Morrison, and one of her former students. “How fitting that the first building named through this process will now honor a teacher, an artist and a scholar who not only has graced our campus with the highest imaginable levels of achievement and distinction, but who has herself spoken eloquently about the significance of names on the Princeton campus,” said Eisgruber, according to the source. “Through these myriad contributions, and now through the name of Morrison Hall, Professor Morrison’s legacy will have enduring significance for all who walk our camp,” he added.

Morrison was humbled by the honor. During the event, she reflected on milestones in her career and her experiences at Princeton.

“This is a very, very special, beautiful occasion for me,” said Morrison.

SOURCE: Princeton University


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