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Actor Terry Crews filed a lawsuit on Monday alleging that he was a victim of a “blatant and unprovoked sexual assault” by a powerful Hollywood talent agent, and the agent’s company largely ignored his complaint, The Huffington Post reported.

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The co-star of “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” claims that Adam Venit acted like a “rabid dog” in making repeated unwanted sexual advances toward him at a 2016 party. “Venit, upon his first meeting Crews, viciously grabbed Crews’ penis and testicles so hard that it caused Crews immediate pain in a blatant and unprovoked sexual assault,” according to the lawsuit. Making matters worse, Crews said that his initial complaint was largely ignored by the agency.

Senior members at Venit’s agency, William Morris Endeavor Entertainment, learned about the incident in October, at a time when sexual assault allegations against Harvey Weinstein began rocking Hollywood. Crews also revealed the alleged groping on Twitter and filed a formal report with the Los Angeles Police Department. Venit received what amounted to a slap on the wrist: a 30-day unpaid suspension for the sexual assault claims. Crews believes that the agency has looked the other way for years, ignoring Venit’s “long history of bizarre behavior” and predatory activities. He wants the agent to be held accountable.

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This lawsuit come as Time named  the “silence breakers” as its Person of the Year. They are the mostly women who bravely came forward to reveal that powerful men had sexually harassed or assaulted them. The magazine interviewed Crews as part of an article that features many of the alleged victims. By coming forward, Crews underscored that men are also victims.

SOURCE:  Huffington Post


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