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Uber has said before that it would fix its discrimination problem. But there’s still apparently a lot of work to be done. A Black woman received more than 7,000 likes and over 3,000 retweets after sharing that an Uber driver refused to pick her up.

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“It’s hard, because I don’t want to believe it was racist, but I don’t see any other reason why he would have looked at me and said ‘No’ and drove off. I tend to want to give people the benefit of the doubt. …My money is as good as anyone else… I tip well. I’m a really great passengers,” Ashley Ford, the host of a news show called 112BK, told The New York Daily News.

As usual, Uber promised Ford that it would investigate the situation and restated that the company doesn’t tolerate discrimination. But that tune is being played on a broken record. Uber and Lyft have promised to be different from the taxi services that have long discriminated against Black passenger. But a 2016 study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that these new ride-hailing services are no different. Black passengers wait longer for Uber rides and are more likely to have their rides canceled than passengers with names that sound White.

Ford was in Manhattan and needed a ride to Brooklyn, which would have cost about $40 dollars. The company said it will rectify the situation. How is that possible? Ultimately, this snub is not about money. It’s about respect. It’s not about a racist driver. This is about changing a company’s culture.

SOURCE:  New York Daily News


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