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No one loves a press tour like Omarosa Manigault Newman. The reality star is talking to anyone who listen about “resigning” from her position as director of communications for the White House Office of Public Liaison. She has babbled to Inside Edition, Good Morning America and now Nightline.

Nightline‘s Deborah Roberts asked Omarosa, “Does the President understand that a lot of people in minority communities see him as racist?” Omarosa replied, “I can’t speak for what he understands or what he knows.” Deborah pushed further, “Do you think this President is racist?” Omarosa answered, “Absolutely not. I would never sit or work with someone who I believed to be a racist.”

When it came to Donald Trump’s vile handling of Charlottesville, Virginia, Omarosa said she was “absolutely” concerned when he said they were fine people in a group of Neo-Nazis. She then explained, “Donald Trump is racial, but he is not a racist. Yes, I would acknowledge many of the exchanges, particularly in the last six months, have  been racially charged. Do we then just stop and label him as a racist? No.”

Omarosa clearly doesn’t understand, Trump’s racism has been evident long before the tragedy in Charlottesville, Virginia. There was his five-year racist rant that President Obama was not born in this country, calling for the execution of five Black teenagers wrongfully accused of assaulting a White woman, housing discrimination lawsuits  and much more. Not to mention, his father Fred Trump was arrested at a KKK rally in 1927. Either Omarosa is delusional or a liar.

Watch the interview below:



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