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LeBron James‘ protest game is just as nice as his on-the-court game. The Cleveland Cavaliers point guard got some major “points” for his special sneakers, a black and white pair bearing the word “EQUALITY” in gold Capital letters on Sunday night.

The sneakers, also previously worn by James in all black as part of his LeBron 15 EQUALITY PE line, made a statement for social activism against Trump, CBS News reported. James rocked the shoes during his basketball game, which was about a mile from the White House. “This is a beautiful country and we’re never going to let one person dictate how beautiful and how powerful we are,” the four-time NBA MVP said.

James has been very vocal about his criticisms of Trump, like many other Black Americans. The basketball star called out the president and defended Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry after Mr. Trump said he revoked Curry’s invitation to the White House in August. In his defense, James referred to the president as a “bum” on Twitter and told his followers that Curry declined to meet with Trump in the first place.

The baller showed off his “EQUALITY” kicks after Nike launched a campaign by the same name in February, ESPN reported. Nike, who has a lifetime sponsorship deal with James, aims to use athletes’ “voice and the power of sport to inspire people to take action in their communities.” “I just wanted to keep the conversation going, keep the conversation going,” James previously told ESPN. “We know what we’re going through. We know what we went through as a nation, as a world [recently]. So I had an opportunity to use a platform for the greater good and keep the conversation going. Why not?”

The sneakers are PE or “player exclusive,” so pairs will not be sold to the public, said multiple Nike sources. However, Nike said earlier this year that it would donate $5 million in 2017 to various organizations (MENTOR, PeacePlayers International and more groups) that “advance equality in communities across the country” as part of the “EQUALITY” campaign.



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