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Omarosa takes pride in her career in politics. She worked for the Clinton and Trump  administrations, however, she is most known for being a reality television villain. But Omarosa might have a new title — low budget, sci-fi movie star. A deeply strange video of the former White House aide has surfaced, which shows her as a space-age James Bond character. Page Six reports,” A pop-culture polymath sent Page Six a link to ‘Soul Sistahs,’ an ultra-camp, hyper-kitsch, uber-low-budget 10-minute sci-fi short film. While the plot is virtually incomprehensible, as far as we can tell it focuses on an intergalactic yenta in a housecoat who kidnaps Omarosa in an attempt to steal Donald Trump’s hair as part of a difficult-to-understand get-rich-quick scheme.”

Reportedly, the short film was made in 2006, two years after she first appeared on The Apprentice. Page Six also reports the film was “made by former In Touch Weekly photo director Michael Todd, tabloid veteran Matt Coppa and his brother Andrew Coppa.” Here are some screenshots:

The video continues to be removed from YouTube, but watch a clip below.

We are sure this clip will be deleted shortly. Allegedly, her lawyers are trying to get the video pulled. Good luck with that, sis.

Well, this proves Omarosa will do anything for the check. Whether it’s appearing in a strange sci-fi movie or defending a racist president and declaring the people will “bow down” to him.

SOURCE: Page Six


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