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On August 24, 2009, officers Oda Poole and Stan North shot 23-year-old Mark Barmore, who was reportedly unarmed. According to The Washington Post, Mark ran into the basement of Kingdom Authorities International Ministries church in Rockford, Illinois. He “was being pursued by two officers who wanted to question him about an alleged domestic disturbance involving his girlfriend. They had seen him talking to Sheila Brown, the pastor’s wife, in the parking lot. Brown followed Barmore into the church, with officers Oda Poole and Stan North, close behind.” The details are still unclear, but the officers claimed Barmore grabbed for their gun — a reoccurring lie we keep hearing from officers — and  he was shot multiple times, including in the back.

Oda Poole was fired 2011 from the police department because of the Barmore shooting, but an arbitrator ruled he was fired without just cause and has been  paid administrative leave since. Now, Poole is getting a settlement of $700,000 for “wrongful termination from the police department.” reports that Poole might be reinstated with “back pay, lost overtime and reimbursement for other expenses incurred as a result of the termination.”

A young man is dead, there are no consequences for the officers — except Poole being fired for a minute — and now the officer actually gets a settlement? Wow.

Snoop Is Not Here For Zimmerman

George Zimmerman, the man who murdered 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, said he would “beat” Jay-Z and feed him to alligators for doing a documentary on Trayvon. According to The Blast, Zimmerman says he was harassed by Jay’s production team by wasn’t clear on how he was harassed. The legendary Snoop was not here for it and ripped into Zimmerman, writing on IG, “If one hair on jays hair is touched that’s when the revolution will b televised We one 👊🏾and to thank the system let the B*tch a** muthafucca get away with murder try it again 🙏🏾Trayvon Martin Gone but not forgotten.” See the post below.

Thanks for saying what we are all feeling, Snoop.

Tavis And The Workplace

Yesterday, Tavis Smiley appeared on Good Morning America to defend himself against claims of sexual misconduct. PBS suspended him for claims of sexual harassment, creating a hostile environments and dating subordinates. For some reason, Tavis decided to go on Fox News — not exactly a demographic who would support Mr. Smiley. In a conversation with Tucker Carlson, Tavis explained why he dated people at his job, even  though he was the head man in charge, “Let’s face it, nobody is working 40 hour weeks anymore, we are working 40-, 50-, 70-, 80-hour weeks. Where else are you going to meet people in this business? Our business itself is full of people, producers and talk show host who met on the job.” See a clip below:

There might be some truth to what he is saying, but Tavis needs to stop talking. Handle this with your attorney, bruh.

SOURCE: WREX, The Guardian


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