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Getting fit will be at the top of many New Year’s resolution lists for 2018. Two Harlem men are making sure that fitness classes are accessible and affordable in their local community through their fitness program Harlem HIIT, The Grio reported.

Fitness entrepreneurs Jahkeen and Boatswain Washington were aware that many people in Harlem can’t afford high-end fitness classes. That inspired them to create a solution. They launched Harlem HITT fitness to equip those in the underserved community with the tools needed to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“A lot of people who are uptown and are really into fitness and want to change their lives and become more active can’t really afford to pay [for classes],” Jahkeen told the news outlet. “We thought that by bringing something that is quality and affordable to our communities we would bridge the gap and give everyone in the community an opportunity to train hard, train smart, and train together.”

Harlem HITT’s impact in the community goes far beyond fitness. The entrepreneurs added their voices, gave space, and raised funds for organizations combating HIV/AIDS, breast cancer, and other illnesses that affect the community. They’ve also held free classes for youngsters in Harlem to expose them to fitness at a young age. The entrepreneurs hope that they can further their mission of making fitness affordable in inner-city communities by taking their program across the country.

Several Black entrepreneurs have created businesses to promote self-care, health and wellness within the African-American community. For example, in efforts to overcome the significant lack of racial representation in the wellness community—which often leaves many women of color feeling ostracized—Christina Rice cultivated a wellness community specifically designed for women of color.

SOURCE: The Grio


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