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Trump is bringing in 2018 without changing a damn thing from 2017. He is continuing to be the egomaniac, bullying and arrogant president he was last year. In one of his many ridiculous tweets this morning, 45 wants credit because you survived air travel  in 2017. And, of course, it’s all due to the magic of Trump.  See the foolishness below:

As we all know, flying is the safest way to travel. Also, according to, “The last time anyone died on a U.S.-certificated scheduled airline was Feb. 12, 2009.”  However, did you see President Obama bragging about making air travel safer? In reality, Trump has done nothing for aviation, ThinkProgress reports, “Trump unveiled a vague ‘Air Traffic Control Reform Initiative’ that contained a proposal to take air traffic control responsibilities away from the Federal Aviation Administration, and instead hand them over to a nonprofit entity that would likely be controlled by the major airlines.” Yep, Trump wanted to privatize aviation, which would only loosen regulations and make air travel less safe.

Lastly, if Trump were even remotely presidential, he wouldn’t thank himself, he would thank pilots, flight attendants, air traffic control and countless other people — who don’t get paid enough — ensuring safe travels.

SOURCE:, ThinkProgess


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