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The results are in: Donald Trump, Barack Obama is your father – at least when it comes to presidents creating jobs, that is. While the unemployment situation in the U.S. is much more urgent than a DNA test on an episode of Maury, the analogy is nearly unavoidable as both offer undeniable proof.

In this case, the number of jobs that were created in 2017, Trump’s first full year in the White House, fell short of those in 2016, when Obama was at the helm, according to the latest monthly jobs report. In fact, job growth has slowed since Trump took office, figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics showed.

It’s more than just a monthly thing, as there were 2.06 million jobs created in 2017, compared to 2.24 million the year prior.

But the fact that there were just 171,000 jobs created in December 2017 may underscore Trump’s clear employment-creating shortcomings better than any other metric – it’s the lowest numbers for December jobs in four years. (For the record, 187,000 jobs were created on Obama’s watch December 2016.)

The numbers were pretty much down across all industries, too. There were about 300,000 health care jobs created last month, but that was nearly 100,000 fewer than for the same time period in 2016. In the food services sector, 249,000 jobs were added, but that was compared to 276,000 for December of 2016. After Obama oversaw the growth of 203,000 retail jobs in December of 2016, last month saw 67,000 fewer retail jobs created.

The latest jobs report came at a time when Trump and his administration have been all too preoccupied with rolling back his predecessor’s signature legacies. Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced just this week that federal law enforcement planned to crackdown on states where marijuana has been legalized, legislation that was enacted on Obama’s watch.

But the impressive legacy Obama left in creating jobs — especially after he inherited the Great Recession that claimed nearly 9 million jobs; the polar opposite of what Obama left for Trump — has proven to be untouchable by Trump.

Now, if we could only figure out a way to make a bigger dent in the unemployment rate for Black folks, which has managed to fall to the lowest rate in years while still hovering around 7 to 8 percent – the highest of any racial demographic.


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