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If you don’t know Pastor Mark Burns, you aren’t missing out. He is the South Carolina pastor who was outed for falsifying his biography — including lying about being in the Army Reserve. He also defends Trump at any cost (he is on the President’s evangelical counsel) and frequently babbles on MSNBC. He’s basically the Paris Dennard of MSNBC.

This morning on AM Joy, Joy-Ann Reid tried to have a discussion about Trump calling Africa and Haiti “shithole” countries (keep in mind, Africa is a continent). First, Burns denied Trump made the comment then went on a vocal rampage about the dysfunction of Haiti and the entire continent of Africa (he managed to drop a compliment about Nigeria). Watch the exchange below.

Burns’ screaming and defense of hate was not very Christ-like. He was so perturbed by Joy, he sent this  grammatically incorrect tweet, “ should moved to since she cares more for Haitians than Black Americans here in Poverty…”

That sunken place is severe for Pastor Mark Burns.


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