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Kevin Spacey is busy pissing Black people off again. The disgraced actor allegedly used the N-word and other racist slurs on set of House of Cards before he was fired in November over sexual assault allegations.

Did he drink whatever haterade Trump is sipping on these days?

Spacey allegedly refused to interact with Black workers and called for them to be fired because of their race, Earl Blue, the head of VIP Protective Services who worked on the House Of Cards set, said to the Daily Mail. He also didn’t shake the hands of any Black security guards on set. The actor is even accused of having told one of the members of his security team that he didn’t “want n-words watching [his] trailer.”

When Blue, who is Black, told set managers about Spacey’s racism, they did nothing about the claims.

“That’s just the way he is; we’ve got to keep him happy,” the managers said to Blue.

And despite producers allegedly telling VIP Protective Services that they were happy with their work, the company’s $1.1 million contract was not renewed. Blue’s business lost millions of dollars in revenue following the events with the actor, he said.

“I lost faith that I am in the right job after the contract was terminated. I questioned myself for months. What could I have done differently?” Blue said. “Then I came to the realization that I did everything I was supposed to do, I was just dealing with a racist man.”

Blue plans to sue Spacey, he said.

One of Blue’s employees, Eric Lyles said that Spacey also refused to shake his hand or acknowledge him.

Spacey was axed from HOC after he was accused of unwanted sexual advances by more than a dozen men, the New York Daily News reported. He has been fired from several movies since the accusations came to light.

SOURCE: Daily MailNew York Daily News


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