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If you are on Fox News, you must always be a mouthpiece for our racist President. Juan Williams, a  Black conservative who even defended Clarence Thomas when he was accused of sexually harassing Anita Hill, learned  this the hard way.

On Fox News with Jesse Watters, Juan Williams talked about Trump’s upcoming State of the Union speech, which aired last night, “I’m just overwhelmed by the winning,” Williams said sarcastically. “It’s been so much winning. So, when I look at the numbers, it’s just so overwhelming. I am thrilled, Jesse, because I understand as his guest he’ll have like Stormy Daniels maybe or how about [accused sexual predator and former RNC treasurer] Steve Wynn.”

Watters’ head almost exploded, saying, “Cheap shot,” clearly putting Juan in his place.  Watters quickly scrambled to change the subject as Juan cowered. Watch the uncomfortable exchange below:

Juan Williams is a registered Democratic but is also a conservative. He was fired from NPR in 2010 after saying  he gets “nervous” when he sees “people who are in Muslim garb” on airplanes — days later, he was hired at Fox News. Juan also tried to write some revisionist history, claiming that Thurgood Marshall was a conservative. Also, he frequently praises Black Republicans.

Juan was accused of sexual harassment in 1992 — maybe that is why he loves Clarence Thomas.

Juan proves even so-called Democrats can be in the sunken place.


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