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According to Senator Mike Doherty of New Jersey, it’s hard out there for rich white men. Who knew! You make more money than women of color, get shot less by the cops and if you commit a crime — no worries — you’ll get less jail time than a Black man who commits the same crime. Nonetheless, Doherty is shedding white tears.

According to, during last week’s New Jersey Senate debate, Senator Doherty, 54, revealed his archaic views when he discussed equal pay for women. He babbled, “It sort of hurts, it does, to be constantly told that you’re the source of the problem. Just because I’m a member of a certain group doesn’t mean that I can be denigrated over and over again. It’s got to stop at some point.” Calling out inequality means you are being denigrated? Fix it, Jesus.

Speaking of Jesus, the foolishness didn’t stop there, he even said the Lord Almighty would agree, “I would say, Jesus, what do you think about my views? He would say, you know, Mike, I can’t disagree with you. It’s almost bullying. Can you empathize?” Doherty’s self-indulgent suffering continued, “You should have a private conversation with some of the men in your life. We walk around on eggshells, I’m not kidding you.”

Senator Doherty is absolutely delusional and offensive. If being called out on inequality is painful, then he shouldn’t be a Senator. However, this glimpse into the mind of a rich white man  isn’t shocking. Guess who he said his inspiration was? Donald Trump! Doherty has been coined “President Trump’s lonely cheerleader in New Jersey.” #WeCant.



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