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nother young teenager has been shot and killed by police. The reason? Police claim the teen “was thought to have a gun tucked into his waistband.” Of course no gun was found, but police are “saying someone in a crowd that rushed in after the shooting may have taken a gun from the teenager’s body.”

On Sunday, February 4, police were reportedly called to an area of South Los Angeles “because a young man was reported pointing a handgun at a motorist. Arriving deputies said the boy had a handgun tucked into his waistband before he ran, prompting the deputies to chase after him.” The young man, Anthony Weber, was accused of turning toward the cops and he was shot. He was struck several times in the upper body and pronounced dead at the scene. However, no gun has been found.

Deputies claim they saw a gun and blame the disappearance of the weapon on, “About 30 to 40 people flooded into the apartment complex’s courtyard and surrounded the two deputies as Weber lay wounded on the floor, officials said. Investigators believe that while the deputies were waiting for backup to arrive someone in the crowd grabbed the gun from the scene.”

Sadly, Weber’s claim his dead body was left uncovered on the street for hours.

Friends did confirm Anthony Weber was a gang member, but Weber’s mother, Demetra Johnson, said, “My son was a good son. He was a great brother. He had the biggest heart. He had a 9-month old daughter, Violet, that lights up every time he walks in the room. He didn’t deserve this. He don’t (sic) have that kind of heart that deserve this kind of killing.”

The Independent reports the deputies weren’t wearing body cameras or audio recorders, even though hundreds of officers own personal cameras that they wear on duty.

Obviously there needs to be an investigation but this story-line of Black teenagers who are killed by cops because of an imaginary gun is a continuing narrative from police. Furthermore, the scenario that “30 to 40” people rushed the scene and managed to pull a gun from Weber’s waistband is hard to believe.

Our condolences go out to Anthony’s friends and family. We hope justice is served.

SOURCE: The Independent, CBS


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