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When it comes to Omarosa, you never know if she is being sincere. Whether it was The Apprentice or the White House, there doesn’t appear to be a real bone in her body. Therefore, news that the reality star was hospitalized over the weekend didn’t seem to have too many people worried.

According to TMZ,  “Omarosa went to the hospital last week after a dizzying bowling competition on Celebrity Big Brother … and the game seemed pretty intense on TV.” The game was called “Bowlerina” and they had to spin around to lower a gate to guard pins. Reportedly, the spinning was too much for Omarosa, she had an asthma attack and was rushed to the hospital. She was out of the house for 19 hours and allegedly some cast members thought she “faked” the attack to get a break from the house.

Regardless if Omarosa had a real asthma attack, the woman still needs some prayer. Just saying…

In the meantime, watch Keshia Knight Pulliam try and talk some sense into Omarosa:



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