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Last week it was  Applebee’s  in Missouri, this week it’s a restaurant in Harlem.

On  February 10, Tara Fitzgibbon and a group of her friends visited Angel of Harlem restaurant in Harlem. As they were at the bar having their overpriced drinks (yes, I’ve been to this bland restaurant that is a product of gentrification), according to the New York Daily News, “A manager came up behind them and demanded to know how they were planning on paying. ‘You were here last week, and ran up a tab and left,’ the manager said aggressively.” This was Tara’s first time at Angel of Harlem . The site continued, “Fitzgibbon said the manager flipped out, snatched a menu from her hands, banged on the bar and accused her of lying. The manager yelled that he had video of Fitzgibbon dining and dashing at the restaurant a few days earlier, making the restaurant turn dead quiet.” Tara said they were “beyond embarrassed” and “felt dehumanized.”

The manager, who is described as  white or Hispanic, pulled out his phone and showed Tara and her friends a group of Black women, who looked nothing like them, dining and dashing.  “As the manager kept accusing her of lying, Fitzgibbon said her friend, Tamara Young, exclaimed, ‘What, do all Black people look alike to you?’ The manager subsequently yelled at Fitzgibbon and her friends to get out. As they walked out, the manager kept pushing Young, according to police reports that both women filed about the incident.” They are both considering legal action.

However, it doesn’t stop there. A woman in a Yelp review claimed she also visited Angel of Harlem on February 10 and a bartender tried to overcharge her. Allegedly, the bartender said her boyfriend had been  “stealing drinks from the counter” and that is why they were charged more. When the customer asked why they weren’t kicked out if they were stealing drinks, she claims the bartender responded with, “I’m from Europe, b***h.”

In case you are wondering, and I am sure you are, Angel of Harlem is not Black-owned. It’s owned by a woman named  Anahi Angelone who was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Angelone refused to address specific allegations, but told the New York Daily News, “It’s very sad that it went down the way it went down, but there are two sides to every story.”

Two sides? Maybe the side should be Black and brown people stop supporting this restaurant, especially after that weak statement from the owner — Harlem is still 65 percent Black. If a huge franchise location like Applebee’s shut down, will there be any outrage over Angel of Harlem?

Watch the video below of  Anahi saying how she “fell in love” with Harlem. Apparently, this is her second gentrifying restaurant in the area.

SOURCE: New York Daily News


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