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Paris Dennard is known to have temper tantrums on CNN. Whether it’s defending Trump or defending himself as a Black man who is loyal to a man who sympathizes with neo-Nazis, the conservative has been dragged all over CNN and social media. However, some people try to to hear out the Republican, which was the case for Sirius XM radio host Clay Cane who hosts The Clay Cane Show on Urban View channel 126.

Cane had Dennard as a guest on the first episode of The Clay Cane Show back on November 5. The two talked a variety of issues, from his history as a Republican to his loyalty for Trump. However, the interview got a bit awkward when Clay asked about same-sex marriage (the majority of young Republicans support same-sex marriage). Paris paused and stumbled, “I-I-I am not for same-sex marriage because of — primarily because of my religious beliefs. But I also believe, and  I don’t know how other people view this, but I believe that the sanctity of marriage is rooted in the Bible so I would rather not even have the government involved because I think it has made a mockery of marriage by the way people go in and get a quick marriage in Vegas. They have it annulled and they get divorced in four hours. That’s not what marriage is about.”

Paris, 35, continued. “I would rather have it stay in the church because the problem that we have today is a cultural problem. We are trying to change the basic tenants of one’s faith and call them — somehow  make you wrong for your faith beliefs because you want the faith to change with the times. No, no, no — I’m sorry. If you are going to be a Christian. If you are going to believe in a certain denomination, believe in the precepts of it. And the precepts that I believe in, as the Bible that I read, calls for marriage between one man and one woman. That’s what I believe and that’s what I vote upon. And if you want to change that, don’t be a part of that faith.”

Damn. So according to Paris, you aren’t allowed to be gay and Christian? Not very Christ-like.

Clay responded with, “Marriage is  a government contract. Marriage has  been around before the Bible. You had Egyptian siblings marrying each other to keep royalty within the family. I don’t think it’s all about religion. I have friends who are atheists and they get married.”

Paris snapped back with, “Well, you asked me my opinion and that’s yours. I believe in the sanctity of marriage with its foundations in the Bible and that’s what I go on and that’s what I believe. Now, if you want to say you want to have a civil contract  or a civil arrangement — because I think there are certain incidents if you are in a committed relationship and you happen to be a homosexual and you are on your deathbed, you should have the dignity of dying with someone by yourself. You shouldn’t be left to die alone. If you want to pass on your property to someone, if  you can pass it on to your dog, you should be able to pass it on to yourself. But the sanctity of marriage, in my opinion, is something that should be outside of the court.”

Dennard is incredibly misinformed. There is no marriage outside of the court. A religious ceremony with no court is an invalid marriage, but a marriage in court without a religious ceremony is valid. Christians or Republicans do not own marriage. Does  he want Christian law to preside over marriage?

Cane moved on and said toward the end of the interview. “I’m a little surprised, you are a young man and there are actually Republicans who are for same-sex marriage… But you are a different type  of millennial. ” Seems Clay might have been wrong because Paris Dennard acted very millenial-ish and blocked the radio host on social media.

Cane wrote on Instagram just yesterday,  “I just noticed he blocked me. I thought we had a sane conversation and I made it a point to hear him out — as painful as it was. Mind you, I wasn’t even following him. Maybe the question about same-sex marriage took him over the edge… ” See below:


Dennard clearly has an issue with being challenged, whether it’s from Keith Boykin or A.Scott Bolden. There is no way to know if he blocked Cane because of the same-sex marriage question but if he did, is it … thou doth protest too much?

If you want to hear the full interiew, go to Sirius XM on demand.


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