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A Black entrepreneur from Houston, Texas is living proof that some of our most life-changing breakthroughs happen during our darkest moments. After overcoming bouts of depression and other personal struggles Bri’Ann Stephens launched an online platform to cultivate a community of women who hold each other accountable for reaching their personal and professional goals, Forbes reported.

Stephens’ battle with depression began at an early age, the news outlet writes. She had to deal with the obstacles of growing up in an impoverished neighborhood and her mother was a young single mom. The trauma that she dealt with during her childhood followed her as she got older and in 2015 her depression came to a head. “I overdosed on sleeping pills. That was the moment that actually changed my life forever,” Stephens told Forbes. “I was given the chance to live but not only to live but to decide the life I wanted to live.”

After recovering from that horrific incident, she found her calling in sharing her story and using her experiences as a way to uplift women in her community. She later launched the online platform Pink Productions which was created as an outlet for women to connect. Since it’s inception in 2016, the platform has grown from a community of 60 women to over 300 hundred women and counting. Through the online platform, women can find inspiration, tips, and tools to push their careers forward. There is also a blog feature where women can pen pieces about their stories. Pink Productions has also done philanthropic work in the local Houston area by hosting events to raise funds for individuals affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Stephens says that through her platform, she’s finally living in her purpose. “I want to be the number one platform of publication for women globally,” she told Forbes.

Black women have launched several outlets that serve as sources of empowerment. Entrepreneur Christina Rice founded LuxeLife Media in efforts to create a wellness community that is specifically designed for women of color.


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