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ABlack woman was the target of a horrifyingly hateful and racist incident at her workplace in Tampa.

Terri Silar walked into her office to find a stuffed monkey with a noose around its neck. Yes, a noose, but that’s not all. There were also two handwritten notes that read, “N-Word B***h” and go “back to Africa,” she shared in a Facebook post.

Hillsborough County deputies are investigating the racist and vile incident after Silar filed a report, local Tampa news outlet WTSP reported. Silar’s post has gotten 50,000 shares. But how could something like this incident happen in what is supposed to be a safe and secure workplace?

Silar, who didn’t identify her company’s name to avoid “impacting business,” said a conversation about gun control, the Parkland shooting tragedy and Trump’s comments on it escalated into a heated debate. The talk got so crazy that she ended up walking out of the room, she said.

The day after the discussion, Silar found the noose, monkey and the notes on her desk. One of the notes said, “You are getting deported back to Africa (N-word) and that will make America great again.” The note was actually signed “Whites 4 Trump” in a truly hateful display of racism. The incident was deeply disturbing, she explained.

“I had 18 emotions going through my mind. I was shocked, but most of all I was hurt,” Silar said to WTSP.

None of Silar’s co-workers could tell her who was responsible for the racist display. She told co-workers that the display was far from a “joke” and wasn’t “funny.” She then immediately reported the incident to her boss, who informed a general manager.

“They were just as appalled as I was,” Silar said, adding that her boss assured her that a team would “scan every key code to try to find out who was in the building overnight and question every one of those employees.”

Incidents like this can steal a person’s peace of mind, Silar noted, especially at a time when Trump’s administration has emboldened many racists across the country.



“We need to talk. See each other for the content of our characters as opposed to the color of our skin,” she explained. “Let’s just talk and love. Love should be color blind.”


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