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Building off of Omarosa‘s comparison of the White House to a plantation, massa ain’t too happy with reports of insane spending on office renovations for Ben Carson at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

First, it was reported that a HUD official was demoted for not breaking the law by making taxpayers pay for Carson’s extravagant office renovations. Now, according to The New York Times and The Guardian, Carson got the renovations anyway. The Times claimed in late 2017, just after HUD announced plans to slash funding for the homeless, elderly and poor, Carson and his wife went on a spending spree that included a $31,000 dining room set and $165,000 in lounge furniture for the secretary’s office.

Raffi Williams, his incompetent HUD spokesman who attacks people on social media when he should be doing his job, told the Times that “Mr. Carson ‘didn’t know the table had been purchased,’ but does not believe the cost was too steep and does not intend to return it.” However, The Guardian posted an email of Williams denying the dining room set was purchased.

Now, has reports the White House is “furious” with HUD and “White House was so upset with the way the HUD communications shop handled the issue that a conversation was scheduled to discuss the White House taking on a greater role in framing the response to reporters’ inquiries about Carson. The idea is to stop the bleeding after incredibly unfavorable headlines about the Carsons and HUD spending.”

It’s going to be challenging to stop the bleeding when you have someone as deeply unqualified as Carson as the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

In addition, ABC has reported the House Oversight Committee, headed by chairman Trey Gowdy, has demanded in a letter for HUD to provide all documents “To help the committee determine whether HUD adhered to the applicable spending limitations while redecorating your office.” HUD must provide the info by March 14 and Gowdy wants officials to brief the committee (this would be HUD’s second investigation that we know of — they are also being investigated for Carson’s family’s involvement at HUD).

If HUD employees like the lying Raffi Williams or the hateful  Lynne Patton, who called April Ryan “Miss Piggy” on social media, will be the ones assigned to brief the committee, they are going to need some serious prayer. Williams and Patton have already shown they are deeply unprofessional and incompetent, but this is Carson’s team. The fish rots from the head down.

Now that we know massa at the White House ain’t happy, we’re sure the good doctor is shaking in his boots.


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