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We have been saying for months that Ben Carson is seriously unqualified to be secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). His track record speaks for itself. He has been protested for trying to take away fair housing. He has been accused of using taxpayer dollars for private planes. He is being investigated for his family’s involvement at HUD. He is accused of using taxpayer dollars to pay for his extravagant office renovations. This is just a handful of the messiness he created. Now, in an interview with The New York Times, Carson appears to know he is a disaster.

In one of his most bizarre comments ever, Carson told the NYT about HUD, “There are more complexities here than in brain surgery.” Really? Well, then maybe you need to go back to brain surgery — the lives of low-income people are in your un-gifted hands. This clearly sounds like he is admitting that he doesn’t know what he is doing.

To make matters worse, Carson doesn’t know how to secure funds, which HUD seriously needs to help low-income people — but the rich, privileged doctor “hates” asking for money, “Mr. Carson, people close to him say, hates asking anybody for money — and has told advisers that he feels acutely uncomfortable asking the president for anything that could be construed as a favor. When the White House budget director, Mick Mulvaney, proposed an 18 percent cut to HUD late last year, Mr. Carson reluctantly reached out to the president. Mr. Trump expressed sympathy. Then he told him to ‘talk to Mick’ about the details.”

HUD was cut by 14 percent, which resulted in millions of dollar of funding being slashed for the elderly, poor and homeless. However, according to NYT sources, “He often simply seems out of the loop—telling senior staff members at a gathering last spring that the president had given him assurances that HUD’s budget would not be cut at all.”

As far as those ethics violations (stemming from his wife and son being too involved at HUD), he claims they just wanted to “help.” He believes Ben Carson Jr  is “integrally important” but they are “ethically pure.” Clearly, if Lil’ Ben is “integrally important” than he is too involved at HUD. Was his son “integrally important”while he was performing brain surgery? If not, brain surgery is easier than running HUD so Ben Carson Jr. should not be involved.

We also can’t forget the team at HUD is a mess. Raffi Williams,  the incompetent HUD spokesman, has time to attack people on social media and lies to major news outlets like The Guardian. Other HUD employees, like Lynne Patton, called April Ryan “Miss Piggy” on social media.

The whole operation is slop. If Ben Carson had any respect for his country, he would resign immediately or at least let someone who knows what they are doing take the reins.


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