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If you’re wondering how Michelle Obama‘s fantastic dance party with toddler Parker Curry came to be, then the child’s mother has all the details. Jessica Curry, the mother of the 2-year-old little girl who stole America’s heart after a photo of her admiring Obama’s recently unveiled official portrait at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery went viral last week, said the former first lady reached out to her to arrange the special soiree on Tuesday.

“It was amazing,” the little girl’s mother told CNN‘s Don Lemon. “She’s really down to earth, really sweet. We had a good time talking to her. Her and Parker chatted and they hung out and Parker got her out of her shoes and got her up and dancing.”

The awesome moments between Obama and Parker at the ex-first lady’s office in Washington, D.C. were captured in a viral picture and video, which have been met with praise on social media.

For those wondering if Obama and Curry can cut a rug, they certainly can! The dance party was a “surreal” experience for the little girl, who believed Obama was a queen, her mother said. We can definitely see how the special girl believed Obama is royalty!

Curry’s mother hopes that Obama’s portrait will continue to be a source of #BlackGirlMagic inspiration.

“Hopefully our visit will inspire other parents and other moms to take their kids to museums,” Curry said.

Check out the fun video below:


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