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Michael Smith has been vocal about how he didn’t like the way ESPN treated Jemele Hill after she called Trump a white supremacist—and about how the network ruined their show SportsCenter. 


On the podcast Origins, he revealed after Hill’s comments about Trump, ESPN didn’t allow them to engage on camera, saying, “No more Michael and Jemele talking. No more of their commentary. It’s just strictly live shots and analysts. That’s what pissed me off so much.” The host explained, “I’m like, so wait a second, you all acknowledge that one of the strengths that we have going for us as a show is Michael and Jemele’s chemistry, but Michael and Jemele don’t f**king talk to each other? How does that make sense?” Michael said it was ESPN’s intention to silence them both.

Now, according to Sports Illustrated, Michael Smith’s last day at  SportsCenter will be today. However, the site also reports, “Both Hill and Smith have multiple years left on their ESPN contracts, so look for Smith to craft a new role at ESPN over the next couple of months.”

Jemele Hill and Michael Smith made history being the first all-Black anchor team on SportsCenter. After Hill’s comments about Trump, ESPN suspended her for two weeks, prompting civil rights activists and celebrities to rally for her. Reportedly, ESPN now wants to SportsCenter to go a more “traditional” route.


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