Award-winning journalist Jemele Hill gets candid in an exclusive interview for NewsOne's inaugural digital cover.

DeMaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL Players Association, tweeted Friday that revelations of private email exchanges were disrespectful to players.  

Jemele Hill applauded Robert Kraft's noble gesture of flying 1 million masks to the U.S. from China while also faulting him for helping elect a president whose incompetence has made such generous benevolence necessary.

Van Lathan’s recent interview with Jemele Hill on her “Unbothered” podcast cast him in a light that hadn’t been seen following his highly publicized firing from TMZ.

Sounds like some folks need a history lesson.

The former anchor speaks out about her time at the sports network.


To say that Jemele Hill has landed on her feet since leaving ESPN would be a grave understatement.

The hip hop legend didn't hold back.

We have no doubt Hill is going to be great.