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It’s rough in the friendly skies. There have been countless reports of racism on airplanes, from Maxine Waters being stalked while onboard to a Black female doctor being ignored who was trying to help someone in need of medical assistance. However, with this latest incident, the airline may have gotten it right — and it wasn’t Delta or United.

According to multiple Spanish media outlets, a 70-year-old man boarded a Binter Canarias flight to La Palma at North Tenerife Airport. Witnesses claimed he made racist comments to the Black flight attendant.  El Pais reported that the man said “I don’t want blacks around me!” It is not known why he he had this breakdown.

The racist was confronted by the plane’s captain, who ordered the man to leave, but he refused. Multiple security guards were called and the man eventually exited the plane without further incident. Watch the video below.

Thankfully, this man was properly handled. Delta and United could learn from Binter Canarias.




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