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The Harvey Weinstein Company is going to have to dish out some major coins to certain folks, including Malia Obama, according to court documents provided to The Blast.

Executives owe dollars to Obama, 19, who interned there last year. Kevin Hart, John Legend, producer Lee Daniels and more celebrities are also due monies from the business. They also need to pay several other companies, including  Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation, in figures totaling a reported excess of more than $500 billion in liabilities.

This bombshell comes after the beleaguered company filed for bankruptcy on Monday, People reported.  However, Chapter 11 most likely won’t stop the company from getting dragged over the lack of funds after Weinstein’s sexual harassment scandal.

Doesn’t it seem like the drama just keeps coming for The Weinstein Company?

The 300-page court documents blasting the company’s dirty laundry mentioned the names of other famous creditors who are owed money. It also mentioned “every state in the U.S.” as a creditor as well.

Alexandria Canosa, an associate producer who worked on the Netflix production Marco Polo, is also listed as a creditor. She is one of the several women who accused Weinstein of harassment, a scandal that prompted an entertainment industry-wide crackdown on sexual harassment and led to the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements against abuse.

Kroll Associates, a private investigation company, is also listed in the court documents.  TWC and Harvey had been accused of using Kroll to gather information on alleged sexual assault victims and then using the information against them, The Blast reported.

The court documents didn’t contain information on exactly how much is owed to each person, including Obama, who worked for the company before the sexual harassment scandal made headlines.


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