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Survivors of the Parkland shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School have been fighting for change  with gun laws. They even organized March For Our Lives, a rally against gun violence, which will take place tomorrow across the country. However, one students, David Hogg, is calling out the media for ignoring the voice and experience of Black students.

Talking at an Axios event, Hogg was asked if he felt like they were any mistakes made by the media’s coverage of the shooting. He responded with, “Not giving black students a voice. My school is about 25 percent black, but the way we’re covered doesn’t reflect that.” He also called the poor representation “disgusting.” See the tweet below:

17 people were killed in Parkland, Florida on Feburary 14. One student, 16-year-old Aalayah Eastmond,is Black, and she said  last month when the student in front of her was hit by a bullet, she collapsed to the floor with him. “I just followed his every movement and I fell over with him, and then I put him on top of me, because he was already… I just told myself I need to look like I’m dead, because I thought he was coming in to get us all one by one.” Eastmond called her mother, Stacey-Ann Llewellyn, from her classroom. “I told her I love you so much, I am sorry for everything bad I did in my life. Please forgive me.”

Gun violence affects everyone. The media’s coverage should represent all of the voices.


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