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Two Black entrepreneurs are aiming to make at-home salon services more accessible for women of color through the creation of a digital platform, Elle reported.

The sister duo—Antonia and Abigail Opiah—created Yeluchi by Un-ruly; a site that features a digital rolodex of beauticians who have experience with styling Black hair, the news outlet writes. After noticing that many at-home salon service apps didn’t cater to Black women and their hair needs, the Opiah sisters decided to take matters into their own hands and develop their own platform.

“It came from us needing a service like it to exist,” Antonia told Elle. “A couple summers ago, I was getting ready to go on vacation and wanted to get box braids but just didn’t have eight hours to sit in a salon. I wanted a stylist to come to me and do my hair while I worked. That was my aha moment.”

Yeluchi—which currently only serves the New York area—provides a variety of protective-style services including box braids, cornrows, and weave and crochet installs and removals, which can all be done in the comfort of your own home. The prices range from $50 to $250.

The sisters say that they were inspired to get into the hair industry because they realized that hair is like a universal language for Black women. “Black hair, for me, has been a way to unite and relate to others. Any time I travel and meet another black woman, no matter what language we speak, hair always makes its way into the conversation. It’s this really beautiful common ground,” said Antonia. Both Abigail and Antonia hope that their entrepreneurial journey will inspire more African Americans to create businesses in the beauty industry, where there are major racial disparities in regards to ownership.

Several Black women are stepping into the realm of entrepreneurship and launching ventures designed to make women of color feel prioritized in the world of beauty. Last year, entrepreneurs Amanda Johnson and KJ Miller launched Mented Cosmetics; a makeup line for Black women that features vegan, non-toxic beauty products.


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