Gladewater High School's dress code is slammed.


Two Harlem sisters have been banned from their dance school and prohibited from performing in the 'Black Nutcracker' because their hair was in braids.

These institutions of education still uphold discrimination.

Yeluchi by Un-ruly is an at-home salon service that provides stylists who specialize in Black hairstyles.

Destiny Tompkins, a Banana Republic employee, claims that she was discriminated against by her manager over her box braids.

The Bournemouth University graduate got a wake-up call from her potential employer, who contacted her via email and said she could not work for them unless she was willing to change her braided hairstyle.

Ending what has turned out to be a nearly two decade fight, on late Thursday, the Texas House of Representatives voted unanimously to pass a bill that would deregulate natural hair braiding, the latest shot in a culture war that had very real consequences for those who made their living practicing the ancient art of hair […]

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