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The debate about gun  control continues and, thankfully, young people are at the head of the discussion. This morning, CNN hosted a panel on  gun control, which featured just teens. Parker Delmoe, a 17-year-old from Arizona, believes the way to stop gun violence is arming people with as many guns as possible, saying, “guns are the solution, not the problem” and “more people that are armed, the less shootings there will be.”

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There were two Parkland survivors on  the panel, Tanzil Philip and Julia Bishop, who obviously didn’t agree. Bishop countered with, “Even if someone is trained, like Officer Peterson was at my school, there’s no way to simulate an event like this. There’s no possible way to practice or do an active shooter drill. He had high-capacity magazines, a semiautomatic weapon and killed 17 of my classmates in six minutes! Don’t tell me a handgun could have stopped that!” Bishop and Philip want a ban on militarized weapons, which existed until 2004.

Delome also ranted about the need for hunting, Bishop clapped back with, “My life is more important than a gun that’s used to hunt!”

When it was asked if the gun control conversation is just a “moment  not a movement,” Zyahna Bryant, 17, from Virginia explained, “It’s only a moment for people who aren’t affected and who don’t see the results in their daily lives manifested. For the students of color, who don’t get the airtime on TV and who are disproportionately affected, this is their lives. So, when it comes down to it, they have to live with this everyday. So it’s never going to be a moment.” Bryant has been fighting for social justice for years, she famously protested against Confederate statues back in March of 2016. It is powerful to see these young people fight for their rights to exist beyond politics. Hopefully, they will be the one to make the change, especially when a former Associate Justice of the Supreme Court is calling the Second Amendment to be repealed.

Watch the CNN clip below.


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