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Lexus’ “0 To 60” challenge, Episode Six finds our drivers facing their final individual and team challenges: navigating the full circuit at the Road Atlanta track that includes 2.5 miles and twelve turns, including one final turn that is “legendary for being incredibly intense,” as described by host Big Tigger.

The drivers got to sport the first ever Lexus LC 500, which goes from zero to 60 miles per hour in less than five seconds.

They were expected to drive three heats with three matchups where everyone gets a chance to drive. The final points of the driving competition were on the line, with the winning driver getting 20 points and all drivers getting 10mpoints just for finishing the tough course.

The leaderboard has been kept a secret from the contestants the whole time so they’re unaware of who is in the lead, forcing everyone to step their games up if they want to emerge victorious.

They won’t know the final standings until the individual champion is crowned.

Watch the races here to find out who won and see the results of where drivers stand on the leaderboard by the end of this sixth episode.