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Black youth are displaying excellence in the realm of academia. A week after Texas teen Micheal Brown made headlines for receiving full-ride scholarships to 20 of the nation’s top colleges and universities, a 17-year-old girl from Nigeria has received 19 acceptance letters from the most prestigious institutions around the world, CNN reports.

Oludamilola Oluwadara Adekeye applied to 20 schools and was accepted into 19 Ivy League universities, the news outlet reports. Adekeye—who attends Brighton College Abu Dhabi—got into schools like Yale, Columbia, Stanford, Berkeley and McGill. The teen is considering pursuing a degree in international relations and economics, but her passion lies in music. “I’m very involved in music at my high school. I’m in three musical groups and I started a fourth,” she told the news outlet. She has yet to decide where she will further her education. Adekeye credits her family for giving her the encouragement and support needed to reach this milestone.

Adekeye is just one of many Black students who has garnered national attention for their college acceptances over the past few months. Several videos of students finding out that they’ve gotten into top schools have gone viral. In December, a group of Black students from a Louisiana high school celebrated their Ivy League college acceptance letters in a series of videos.

Their acceptances come at a time where there is a lack of racial representation on Ivy League campuses. According to the Chicago Tribune, last year the Justice Department wanted to examine how race influences admissions at these schools. A 2017 New York Times report revealed that Black students make up a mere 9 percent of the freshmen at Ivy League schools.


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