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Trimming the fat or shedding dead weight? Call it what you will, but new Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ City Hall will soon be receiving a massive amount of job applications if she has her way.

The city’s chief executive was nearing her 100th day in office this week when she abruptly announced on Monday that she has asked for the resignations of each and every member of her cabinet, according to multiple reports out of Atlanta. While the soon-to-be former employees would be expected to stay on until Friday, the Spring cleaning of City Hall may have already begun.

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“Phone calls to certain city employees are not going through as their phone lines have been disconnected, including key members of her press staff,” local news outlet WTVM reported. It was not immediately clear how many people were in Bottoms’ cabinet, but the number “includes 35 top city officials,” WSB-TV Atlanta quoted an anonymous city official as having said.

Bottoms was interviewed earlier Monday and hinted at the forthcoming changes to her administration before the reports surfaced later in the day.

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“There will be additional announcements in terms of things that we are doing from my administration to make sure that we are very openly operating ethically and transparently,” she told the local NBC affiliate.

What’s missing from the reports is why Bottoms made what seems to be such an abrupt demand. While that won’t be known until she breaks her silence, it may not have been that unexpected. She said when she was first elected that she would allow her predecessor’s staff to stay on board for the first 90 days of her term.

Oh, by the way, that predecessor — former Atlanta mayor Kasim Reed — was embroiled in a FBI probe of his administration over bribery and corruption allegations. That may have a little something to do with it, too.

Bottoms was elected late last year after a contentious election with a city councilwoman who was attempting to be Atlanta’s first White mayor in decades. While Bottoms was endorsed by Reed, she swore she would be her own person if elected. Monday may just be the realization of that key campaign promise.


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