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On an episode of the Joy Behar show last week, this little nugget slipped through the cracks. Apparently, a black comedienne named Karith Foster was a guest on the show and was part of a lively discussion about race and Tiger Woods.

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Read a partial transcript here (emphasis added):

BEHAR: Ok. Let`s discuss the racial angle for a second. I mean, how does this — Karith, I know you`re not a representative of the black community, but since you`re here, I`m wondering what you hear from the black community.

FOSTER: Well, I just love how in the beginning of his career, people are saying, the first African-American golfer to be of this stature. He`s like, “No, I`m not black. I`m Amerasian.”


FOSTER: Yes. Well, he`s certainly acting like a black athlete now.

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When pressed by Behar about this “harsh” commentary, Foster had this to say (emphasis added):

FOSTER: No. I think he`s acting like an athlete, period. But he`s certainly acting — you know, all of the women are white — I might have a little more sympathy, not much, for someone who has a harem they basically if allegedly, if there might have been a sister in there. But I think it`s interesting that it`s like he seems to not want to be with anyone who represents who — he`s not even with an Asian woman.

This discussion about the identity issues wrapped up in the Tiger Woods scandal has drawn commentary from critics across the board.

Dr. Boyce Watkins of released this official statement:

“There were comments made on the Joy Behar Show by comedian Karith Foster. During her commentary, Ms. Foster, making reference to the indiscretions of

Tiger Woods, stated that Tiger is ‘acting like a black athlete now.’Such comments are unacceptable and racially problematic. While the person stating the comments may have had her own concerns about the behavior of black male athletes (Ms. Foster is African-American), it is both irresponsible and ignorant to claim that Tiger’s behavior represents the essence of the black male athlete in America. When tied to imagery that has

historically portrayed African American males, particularly athletes, as animalistic, over-sexed creatures who are unable to control their behavior,

this comment is disturbing and should have been challenged by either a host or another guest on the show. Black men have a long list of image problems

in American mainstream media, many of which overlook those athletes who are good and intelligent citizens. We do not need CNN guests adding to the pile of disrespect and we are disappointed with this commentary.”

What are your thoughts about this? Would your reaction be different if Foster was white? Weigh in on the comments!

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