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To some people, a peaceful protest from Colin Kaepernick is disrespectful to our service members and the flag, but let’s hope those same  people will see true disrespect — a thug granny attacking a woman who is a solider and pregnant. Reportedly, it all went down at over a restaurant parking spot in Macon, Georgia.

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The details are sketchy, but allegedly there was a dispute over a parking spot and the uncivilized beast was hurling homophobic and racial insults at the solider. When the savage saw she was being recorded, she began attacking. The solider repeatedly said she was pregnant, but that didn’t stop her thuggery. Watch below:

The thug’s daughter claims her mother was “assaulted,” which is a lie and tries to grab the phone.

Cut to outside, the thug is shedding white tears and is handcuffed and arrested — and she is being handcuff by a Black police officer. See the glorious moment below.

You can hear in the video that the thug “told a completely different story” and “if it wasn’t for this video” she wouldn’t be going to jail.

Lucky they had this proof. Otherwise, the pregnant solider might have been in jail.


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